Sample Invitation Text for Potential Survey Participants

Churches may copy and adapt this text to promote their Youth Plus Survey.


NCLS Research runs a survey across thousands of churches every five years. The Community Contacts Survey is an online survey for people who connect with a local church in some way e.g. playgroup, choirs, sports teams, meals ministry etc, but who do not attend church services regularly.

The Community Contacts Survey gives people an opportunity to express their thoughts on the local community and its needs, their spirituality, and their experience of church. The results will come back to CHURCH X to help us to better connect with people in our local community.

The survey should take 15-20 minutes. To access it, go to and enter the following Survey Access Code:

Your answers are anonymous.

Community Contacts Access Code card template

An Access Code card template is provided for churches to print out cards showing their church’s access code for the Community Contacts survey.

Type your Church’s Access Code and the month when your survey starts into the template before printing.  Feel free to amend these further as you wish.

Distribute these cards to participants to remind them to complete the online survey.


Download a template for the Community Contacts Access Code Cards. (Designed in MS Publisher).