FAQs - About the Survey

What is the purpose of the survey?

Every five years, people attending churches across Australia take part in the National Church Life Survey. The aims of the survey are to carry out research to assist churches in their ministry and mission and to provide statistics about churches in a changing and diverse Australia.

This year, local churches can also offer a Community Contacts Survey to people who are connected in some way with a church’s activities, to give them an opportunity to express their opinion and experience of the church, their views on religion, their values, hopes and spirituality.

Who completes the survey?

The Community Contacts Survey is designed for people who connect with a local church in some way e.g. playgroup, choirs, sports teams, meals ministry etc  These people may or may not attend church services regularly.

Is it confidential?

This survey is completely anonymous and optional. There is no obligation on a person to complete this survey.

What are the results use for?

The results of the survey are provided to the local church that people are connected with, to help that church better connect with local community members.   Each church has their own unique Survey Access Code.   All responses are collated together for the church.

How do we access the survey?

To complete the survey itself go to www.2011ncls.org.au/nclsplus and enter the Survey Access Code given to you by a local church. 

Who is running the survey?

The National Church Life Survey is run by NCLS Research, across over 20 Christian denominations in Australia. NCLS Research is jointly sponsored by ANGLICARE Diocese of Sydney, Uniting Mission and Education, Uniting Church (Synod of NSW & the ACT), the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Australian Catholic University.

The protocol of the 2011 National Church Life Survey has been reviewed and approved by the Australian Catholic University (Human Research Ethics Committee).