Guidelines for Churches

Check your Survey order

If you ordered Youth Plus Surveys in addition to the standard Church Life Survey you will find a purple set of Instructions inside your Survey Pack.

If you require more Youth Plus Surveys you can order them online.

Locate Your Survey Access Code

Your church has a unique online Survey Access Code for this survey.  It will be in the form of 'XXXX-YYYY'.  It is on the Youth Plus Survey Instruction sheet sent to any church who ordered these surveys as part of 2011 NCLS.

Please circulate the Survey Access Code and survey web address - - to any person you would like to do the Youth Plus Survey.

Note:To encourage participation, this survey is openly available online. It does not require individuals  to log in. The profile of results given to your church will represent the totals for all people who used your church’s Access Code when completing the survey.

Promote the Survey to possible participants

1. Notify potential participants in advance.
2. Distribute the survey web address and your Access Code.
3. Publicise using face to face paper and online methods e.g. email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter etc
4. Remind people more than once before the end of your church’s survey period.

Sample promo text:Click here to see sample text that your church can use in promoting the survey to potential participants.

Survey Promo Cards: An template styled on business cards is available for churches, to allow them to print out cards showing their church’s access code for the Youth Plus . Distribute these cards to people to remind them to complete the online survey.

Remember to enter your church’s code into the template before printing, emailing or uploading an access card to your website.

In order to maximise your response rate, it is important to use various means to encourage your youth to participate and to remind them more than once.

Your online survey will be available for 60 days from the beginning of your survey month.

Track your responses

As people complete the Youth Plus Survey you can monitor the number of surveys completed by using your NCLS Admin Key. This was provided in the general instructions booklet that came with the 2011 NCLS Survey Pack.

The NCLS Admin Key is your church’s secure link to NCLS online and can
be used by leaders to:
1.    Check your church’s contact details are correct
2.    Track the completion rate of surveys over the 60 day survey period
3.    Extend the number of surveys, if needed  ($50 per 100 surveys)

First, go to to ‘Log in’ (or Create a Log In).
Then, click on ’Order Your Surveys and Administer your Church’, and apply your NCLS Admin Key.

Your online survey will be available for 60 days from the beginning of your survey month. As the survey period nears its end remind people to complete their survey.

Survey Results

Overall results will be provided in an online Youth Plus Profile to the local church who hosted the survey.  They can be collected online using your church's NCLS Admin Key.

Note: No results will be provided if less than 10 people take part in order to protect anonymity.


Download a copy of the Youth Plus Survey instructions