How and when to complete

The Youth Survey:

  • is designed for young people (in high school and older) who connect with a church, whether through youth group, youth activity, church attendance, their parents, or some other way
  • is online and it takes around 20 minutes to complete
  • is additional to the standard church Attender Survey. It is not a substitute. Young people who attend church services are invited to complete both an Attender Survey and a Youth PLUS survey
  • is accessed online via by using an Access Code given to each church
  • will remain active online for 100 days from the beginning of your survey month

The Youth Survey is optional and confidential. Young people can choose whether they want to do this survey. Parents can also view information about the survey online and decline participation on behalf of their child.

If a church has ordered Youth Surveys they will find Instructions in their Survey Pack, or alternatively click below for a copy of Instructions.


Find your denomination’s survey month

Download a copy of the Youth Survey instructions