Endorsements for NCLS Research

Denominational Leaders

"For the past 20 years the National Church Life Survey has been an outstanding example of co-operation across denominations for the sake of furthering God's mission. It has been a world leader in the collection and analysis of data among church attenders, providing a rich resource base for longitudinal studies of trends and movements, beliefs and behaviour of ordinary churchgoers. NCLS is the envy of other national church bodies with its innovative and statistically sound methodology for capturing the strengths and weaknesses of the Australian church which church leaders can use for the benefit of their members and the extension of God's kingdom."

The Rt Rev Dr Glenn N Davies
Bishop of North Sydney,
Anglican Diocese of Sydney

"The Australian Church is uniquely blessed by the outstanding work of the National Church Life Survey over the past two decades. I have found NCLS resources of enormous value in my own research into Australian believing, behaving and belonging, and in helping theological students and experienced clergy to understand the contexts in which they were minister. Denominational leaders will also benefit from having accurate data on the health of congregations and where opportunities for growth and outreach are to be found. In addition to providing information whose reliability and consistency is unparalleled in the Western world, NCLS provides insightful interpretation of recent changes in the religious landscape and offer innovative strategies for churches committed to evangelism, discipleship and advocacy. I cannot imagine writing or speaking about the state of the Christian Church in Australian without drawing on the work of NCLS. I would even go as far as saying that NCLS is a gift from God, such has been the positive impact of the organisation on the spiritual lives of individuals and the well-being of the Church."

Professor Tom Frame
Director, St Mark's National Theological Centre
Canberra ACT

"The National Church Life Survey offers a tried and tested instrument for description, analysis and planning for mission and ministry in contemporary Australia. It can serve as a window into the life of a church community and a description of the context in which that church seeks to share the gospel, address community needs and advocate for a fairer world. In this time of fundamental cultural and missional change such information and analysis is critically important if churches are going to respond faithfully, creatively and strategically to the challenges and opportunities that face us."

Rev Alistair Macrae
President National Assembly Uniting Church in Australia

"The National Church Life Survey gives a realistic overview of Australian Churches. The information assists Churches identify strengths to grow and challenges to be faced. NCLS is beneficial to both local and denominational leaders as Churches shape their mission and ministry into the future."

Tina Rendell
Executive Director, Uniting Church Board of Mission (NSW/ACT)

"The 2011 NCLS will help churches to identify realities. A truly national survey can only take place with the collaboration of all the churches across the nation."

Fr Brian Lucas
General Secretary, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

"NCLS Research is a world leader in parish and congregational research. Building on over twenty years of experience, they combine sound survey methodology, brilliant technical skills, engaging design and an understanding of the mission of the churches to produce highly useful and informative print and online resources. I urge all Catholic parishes to take part in NCLS 2011 as a means of obtaining an inexpensive but invaluable resource for pastoral planning."

Dr Bob Dixon
Director, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Pastoral Research Office.

International commendations for NCLS

"Churches in Australia are immensely fortunate to be served by the National Church Life Survey. I know that participating takes time and effort. The information it produces is invaluable, though, not just to leaders of denominations but to individual congregations. It's turned Australia into a model that churches around the world are turning to for inspiration. The people at NCLS are practical visionaries. Your mission is their mission; please help them to help the church."

Dr David Voas
Simon Professor of Population Studies, Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester, England.

"It is hard not to sound over-enthusiastic about NCLS but it offers such a brilliant range of research-led resources for local congregations that it really should not be Australia's best-kept secret. The dedicated and expert team at NCLS Research have established themselves as market leaders in a relatively under- served area of Christian ministry and mission. A church that gets involved in any one of the NCLS range of mission audit programmes will find that it has an invaluable range of information about itself and its community that will point the way to new and rich possibilities."

Revd Dr Darrell Jackson
Director, Nova Research Centre and Lecturer in European Mission, Redcliffe College, Gloucester, England.

The National Church Life Survey is a wonderful resource for churches throughout Australia. It provides churches with vital information enabling them make practical decision on their mission and ministry based on knowledge. The survey offers churches the opportunity to see their own church profile and to consider, in an informed way, the strengths and weaknesses of their church. The individual church profile can be used in a practical way to build on strengths and to address weaknesses. The experience of the National Church Life Survey team ensures that the information collected from congregations and leaders is presented in a clear and accessible way. The aim of the team is to serve the church community through this important work.

The work of the National Church Life Survey spreads beyond the shores of Australia as it is an invaluable resource for international scholars. Comparable data in other countries, such as the UK, can be explored alongside the data from Australia to compare and contrast the experiences of congregations and clergy across countries as well as across denominations.

Dr Mandy Robbins
Senior Research Fellow, Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit, University of Warwick, England

From a European point of view, more church leaders, congregations, and parishes should seriously consider to join this inspiring and fruitful endeavour which brings research to the faithful and facts about modern Christian faith to the social scientists.

Professor Antonius Liedhegener
University of Lucerne, Switzerland

'As we come to the exciting moment of receiving back the profiles of the churches that participated in our pilot research I am thrilled to see the results. This is the first time in Dutch congregational history that high-quality research has been done to profile local churches! I am sure the impact of NCLS research will be profound as we move on in the coming time to write up the initial results of this pilot. I am thankful to NCLS and their staff and especially to Dr.Powell for the cooperation we have, even though Australia and the Netherlands are far apart. We feel united in the same mission'.

Lector Geestelijk leiderschap CHE Academie voor Theologie
UHD Praktische Theologie ETF Leuven