Project Timeline and Milestones for 2011 NCLS

July - August 2010 Participation Quotes given to regions and denominations.
Throughout 2010 Quotes accepted - regions confirm their participation in the 2011 NCLS.
March 2011 Customised survey forms for regions and denominations completed.
March - April 2011 Church details updated online including church closures, amalgamations, new churches, contact details, size estimates, survey orders.
May - July 2011 Survey orders completed.
July -September 2011 Survey Packs dispatched to churches, ready for their survey month.
September-November 2011 National Church Life Survey conducted, denomination by denomination. Participating local churches in each denomination will conduct the Survey within their survey month, at times that they regard as most opportune.
October-December 2011 Churches return their completed questionnaires to NCLS Research as soon as possible after completion, but certainly within a few weeks after their designated survey month.
Winter 2012 (June to Aug) Church Life Packs sent to Regional Coordinators, or local churches, during winter (June to August (2012.
Spring 2012 (Sep to Nov) Leaders Survey results returned to individual leaders online.
Findings from the three optional add-on surveys returned to churches online (children's survey, youth survey and community contacts survey).
Findings from the Regional/Denominational questions returned to regions and denominations.