Using your 2011 Survey Pack

Online resources:

Worship Service Resources These resources have been offered from people from a range of faith traditions. You may find helpful notes to prepare your church, prayers, Biblical reflections,song suggestions and more. Find out more.

NCLS Church Code Powerpoint At the bottom of this page is a Powerpoint for you to use to display your Church Code.

Young Children's Activity Sheets These Activity Sheets are for younger children to use while others are completing their surveys. Find out more.

Inside your Survey Pack you will find

Instructions: Explaining how to run the survey in your Church.
Your Church Code: This code needs to be written on each survey form to identify your church.
Checklist cover sheet: To be completed and included with your batch of completed surveys.
Attenders Surveys: To be completed by any church attender 15 years and over, during your survey month. Each attender must complete the survey once only.
Confidentiality envelopes: For collection of completed surveys.
Leaders Surveys: These can be completed online or on paper.
Operations Survey To be completed by the church administrator.

NCLS Plus: If you ordered additional (non compulsory) surveys, you may find:

NCLS Plus Surveys are available to local churches who take part in the standard Church Life Survey.

Children's Surveys: to be completed by children at church during your survey month.
Youth Plus Survey Code: give your Church Code to young people to enable them to log onto the NCLS website and complete the youth survey. Their results will be provided to your church.
Community Contacts Survey Code: give your Church Code to people connected to your local church via activities. It will enable them to log onto the NCLS website and complete the Community Contacts Survey, their results will be provided to your local church.

N.B. Post all paper surveys back to NCLS Research within three weeks of completion, in the original Post pack, postage paid. A return address label is enclosed for your use.


NCLS Church Code PowerPoint

A PowerPoint for use to display your unique NCLS Church Code while people are completing their surveys.