20 minutes every 5 years

Every five years, alongside the National Census, churches around Australia participate in the National Church Life Survey (NCLS).

Each survey contributes to the most comprehensive view of church life in Australia. In 2011, NCLS will run from September to November, involving thousands of churches from 20 denominations and movements. Endorsements from denominational leaders are flowing in.

Every local Christian church in Australia is invited to take part in the 2011 National Church Life Survey. To take part, your church will need to order survey forms now.


A personalised invitation was mailed to over 8000 churches during April and May 2011, along with a newsletter that provides an overview. 

Click here to find out how your local church can order surveys.

About the Church Life Surveys

A Church Life Survey captures attenders' discernments about vision, direction and passions for growth. Identifying the current strengths in a church can be an important first step in effectively planning for growth and vitality.

The survey asks questions about things that may not yet have been considered. For example, how many attenders believe their faith has grown in the last 12 months? Or don't feel they belong? Or think the church is open to trying something new? What do they value about your church? What should get priority in the coming year?

New survey options: NCLS Plus - a Children's Survey, Youth Survey and Community Contacts Survey - are an attempt to reach a wider group of people in your church and community; those who would be missed by the normal attenders' survey.

Results and resources by Easter 2012

Participating churches receive integrated streams of resources based on survey results in the areas of Church Vitality, Leadership and Community. Results and resources to help churches engage with their communities will be sent out by Easter 2012.


Make sure your church has ordered its 2011 NCLS survey forms.

In their denomination survey month each church will need to set aside 20 minutes during each service or activity. Worship service resources will be available.

Will your church take part?

If you are part of a local church, we hope you encourage them to accept the invitation and join this five-yearly event along with thousands of Australian churches. It is one of the largest surveys ever conducted. Responses will help local churches and will form part of the big picture that helps the wider church for years to come.

For more information or to order surveys, visit www.2011ncls.org.au

Video message to local churches about benefits